Well this will serve as my final Friday Wrap-up as a single man. Hope everyone had a Happy Hanukkah and that those celebrating have a Merry Christmas. I’m in Boca Raton, Florida for the weekend, home of Lane Kiffin and his new 10 year contract with Florida Atlantic University. The views here at the Boca Beach Resort are tremendous. A week after getting married, I’m off to South Africa for six days in Cape Town and then a safari. We will try to keep this site fresh with new content in the meantime!

This week on Forbes:
(1) New 8-Team Football League Gives Fans Control Based On Blockchain-Based Tokens;
(2) This Week In Sports Law: Saints Sued Over National Anthem, Rick Pitino Countersued, NFL Harassment;
(3) Why Pay TV Providers Can’t Count On Live Sports Consumers For Much Longer

This week on Inc.:
(1) How the Lines Between Online and Real World are Blurring in Esports;
(2) How This Entrepreneur is Fixing the $250 Billion Sharing Economy with Blockchain Technology

And as always, the weekly wrap-up:




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