So I moved on from writing at Forbes after 6+ years of covering the intersection of sports and money (more on that here) to create a new website that is strictly devoted to same (TheSports.Biz) and would appreciate a follow of the website’s new Twitter account (@TheSportsDotBiz). I’m excited about the new project and have an appreciation for how difficult it can be to build a platform up from scratch, as it is exactly what I did here with Sports Agent Blog back in 2005. I think it will do well, though, as I will be contributing much of what I used to provide over at Forbes. It will be hyperfocused on sports business and I’ll do my best to not deviate. And so…

This week on The Sports Biz:
(1) DraftKings Becomes The 1st To Deliver A Mobile Sportsbook App In New Jersey;
(2) Lenny Dykstra Takes A Swing At Company For Failing To Disclose $400k Payment From Amazon;
(3) Sports Journalist Sued For Not Turning Over Twitter Account;
(4) Job Opening: USTA Seeks New York-Based Staff Attorney With 2-4 Years’ Experience;
(5) MMA Startup Raises $28 Million Series B Round With Help From Kevin Hart And Tony Robbins;
(6) Lil Wayne’s Sports Agency Is Suing Its Former NBA Client Frank Mason III For $90K+ And A Gold Chain;
(7) DraftKings Takes Early Lead In Sports Betting Competition, With FanDuel Playing The Long Game;
(8) 3 Investors Have Taken Over Royal Caribbean’s Mariner Of The Seas For The Ultimate Fitness Cruise

And as always, the weekly wrap-up:




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