Bob Garber baseball

Baseball agent Robert Garber has filed a lawsuit against Merrill Lynch and its employee Bruce Lee. The Complaint, filed in Illinois, seeks compensation in an amount above $50,000 based on counts of tortious interference with contractual relations.

Garber, who serves as President of RMG Sports Group, has represented the likes of Roy Oswalt, Craig Gentry, C.J. Wilson and J.D. Martinez. It is Garber’s representation of Martinez that serves as the subject of the dispute.

Garber complains that Bruce Lee tortiously interfered with the representation agreement between Garber and Martinez. He says that Lee told Martinez to terminate his contractual relationship with Garber and that he should sign with Scott Boras instead.

Lee allegedly called Garber a hack and told Martinez that Garber would sell him short. To make matters worse, Garber says that Lee was a family friend and that Garber has personally invested with Lee.

Martinez ultimately fired Garber and signed with Boras. In February 2018, Martinez signed a $110 million deal with the Boston Red Sox. Boras will receive the commission on that deal instead of Garber, who says he was wronged of his 5% commission.

Source: Sports Agency Blog