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Georgetown, TX/03-14-2016 – is happy to announce the Launch of its brand New website  This New website will help convey to the public the purpose of and share relevant information that deals with marketing for local business owners. specializes in coaching and consulting their clients when it comes to search engine optimization and it’s new website will provide detailed information that consumers want to know.  In addition to the detailed information that it will contain it will also list out the many different services that it offers.    


Among the types of services available to choose from is  Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Management, Video Marketing, Lead Generation, etc.  Additionally  also offers coaching through webinars which is unique due to the fact that these webinars are free and teach business owners how to market their businesses online.


According to the U.S. Small Business Administration nearly 80% of all small businesses fail before they are a year old. And nearly half fail each year until they have been in business for 5 years. Only then do more start succeeding than failing. Only a third of businesses make it to their 10th year.


“There are so many ways a business owner can go at marketing their company online that it is overwhelming. There is so much to learn. It is our goal to help take some of the mystery out of it all, and give these folks a clear-cut path so they can take action and see results,” remarks Carrie Gibson, co-owner of Gibson Girls.


For more information about simply call 512-508-8382 or go to the website, or on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube or Google Plus.


ABOUT  Gibson Girls Marketing is the newest division of Gibson Girls Publishing and is located in Georgetown, Texas. The marketing agency offers many services to help small and local businesses get leads, rank their websites, and market online. They can be reached on their website or on social media or by phone at 512-508-8382.



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