Learn Self-Hypnosis for the 12th Annual World Hypnotism Day, January 4, 2016 Cork, Ireland

The 12th annual World Hypnotism Day on Monday, January 4, 2016 gives hypnotists in Ireland an opportunity to increase awareness and understanding about hypnosis.

Cork, Ireland, January 3, 2016 – Martin Kiely Hypnosis Centre is offering a workshop to celebrate the 12th Annual World Hypnotism Day. The public are invited to attend the event, which will be held Wednesday, January 6th, 2016. This FREE informational workshop is for you if you want to know the benefits of hypnotism and how it can be used by almost anyone. Preregistration is required at http://whdireland.com/preregistration-whd-2016/


The focus of the workshop is on “New Year’s Resolutions: Gain Control Achieve Goals Faster.”  People will enjoy a relaxing group hypnosis session. They will also learn several very simple self-hypnosis techniques to create lasting changes in their behaviour patterns by understanding how easy it is to create changes in mind and keep those changes. The workshop will be held at Martin Kiely Hypnosis Centre, 1 Windsor Place, Ballyhooly Road, St. Luke’s Cross, Cork, Ireland and will be facilitated by Martin Kiely, Board Certified Hypnotist Hypnotherapist and award winning hypnosis trainer.


“We are excited to invite everyone to come visit the centre, and explore the wonderful world of hypnosis. This is a great opportunity for people to learn more about the true benefits that hypnosis provides,” explains Kiely. “We have seen an increase in awareness and interest in hypnosis hypnotherapy to assist people to tap into their full potential. People have many misconceptions about hypnosis but it is really about empowering people to overcome obstacles and taking back control over the way they think, feel, respond and behave.”


What is World Hypnotism Day All About?

World Hypnotism Day January 4th Cork IrelandThe first World Hypnotism Day in January of 2005 proved to be one of the most impressive displays of professionalism and sharing of knowledge and skills by hypnotists globally. Now it’s time to come out and learn more about how hypnotism can help you, especially for your New Year’s resolutions.


Over 20 international hypnosis organisations have joined together to bring World Hypnotism Day to those who are interested in learning about hypnosis.  The purpose is to inform the public about the truth pertaining to hypnosis, hypnotherapy and self-hypnosis. Hypnotists around the world will be celebrating this day with FREE and low cost hypnosis events to educate and inform the public about the clinical benefits of this little known procedure.  What could be a better way to start the New Year than learning about the power of your own mind?


On the official WHD website (www.worldhypnotismday.com) the general public will find FREE hypnosis audio sessions and reports. Between now and World Hypnotism Day, those who log in will receive reports that reveal exactly how hypnosis works and how it can help people in many aspects of their life. Also, for further information about national and international event details go to www.worldhypnotismday.com events.


The New Year is a time resolutions are made to manage weight, quit smoking and achieve a wide variety of goals. Those attending the workshop will get the chance to help create the path for a more successful New Year. They will be able to work on clearing negative, unwanted patterns of behaviour, learn how to use the power of their mind to reach their goals, and reach their full potential. Participants will gain control, achieve goals faster.


“Hypnotism is a safe and effective intervention for a variety of motivational, self-improvement and goal setting situations,” says Kiely. “It is natural and free of side effects, and when performed by a competent certified practitioner the results are long lasting and often permanent.”


Come celebrate the 12th Annual World Hypnotism Day, January 4 with us and experience the natural benefits of hypnosis hypnotherapy. You will leave this workshop feeling energized and ready to take on your goals for 2016.”


About Martin Kiely Hypnosis Centre, Cork, Ireland

Martin Kiely is a Board Certified Hypnotist and Instructor with the National Guild of Hypnotists. He provides private hypnosis hypnotherapy sessions, a variety of monthly workshops, and professional Hypnosis Certification training programmes. The mission of Martin Kiely Hypnosis Centre is to educate, inspire, and empower clients and students to gain control achieve goals faster.

For further information about this event and to preregister visit the webpage at the following link:

Contact: Martin Kiely, WHD Co-ordinator for Ireland at Tel: 021–4870870 or email martin@martinkielyhypnosis.com

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