Happy birthday to me! I turn 33-years-old today, a far cry from the 21-year-old who started this website. This site and I have done quite a bit of developing over the years, and hopefully that will only continue into the future.  I’ve been doing a lot more posting over on my LinkedIn page as of the start of 2018, so if you’re not already friends with me or following me, then go ahead and click whatever button is necessary to begin. This week, we give thanks to Stakers.com for being a supporter of the site!

This week on Forbes:
(1) Former Marlins Owner Is Not Done Beating Up Miami-Dade County;
(2) Why Major League Baseball May Soon Be Defending A Collusion Case;
(3) Conor McGregor May Get Knocked Out In New Trademark Disputes;
(4) MLB’s Off-Season: Boycotting, Collusion And Alternative Spring Training Talks

This week on Inc.:
(1) Money Doesn’t Buy Success With Super Bowl Ads;
(2) How a London-Based Company is Attempting to Revolutionize the Health and Fitness Industry;
(3) Why ESPN’s New OTT Service May End up Being a Huge Bust

And as always, the weekly wrap-up:





Source: Sports Agency Blog