The Miami Dolphins signed Jay Cutler and the QB is reunited with his former coach. It’s probably not the optimal situation, but it was a nice quick fix after seeing Ryan Tannehill go down. Maybe it saves the season? After one preseason game, it is a bit too tough to tell. Life is getting back to normal as I settle in to my new home and various cases start reaching the point of settlement. Meanwhile, I need to find more time to get back to writing the second edition of How to Play the Game. I believe my deadline is some time in October, which only gives me a couple more months to get focused on writing these pages that are not going to write themselves. At one point in time the words were flowing, but once I had to start packing, moving and then unpacking, everything came to a quick halt. Maybe I can earn back some of that focus when my fiancee goes on her bachelorette party in Playa del Carmen in a few weeks…

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