Thomas Proben Signs with Pro Sport Agency.

January 26, 2017
Denver, Co

The 2010 Re/Max World Long Drive ‘Grand Champion’ golfer, Thomas Proben, announced today that he has signed with Pro Sport Agency.   Pro Sport Agency will manage marketing, sponsorship and appearances for the veteran professional golfer.

Proben is strategically planning a drive for his professional partnerships and appearances in preparation for a professional tour in 2018.   Proben is known for among other things, playing over 400 Rounds In Charleston, SC With 5-Time PGA Leading Money Winner, ’38 Masters’, ’39 PGA Champion & PGA Tour-Hall Of Fame, Mr. Henry Picard.

“Our team at Pro Sport Agency is extremely excited about representing Thomas,” comments Greg Tanner of Pro Sport Agency, “He’s  an extremely talented and dynamic personality,  his character and persona are extremely motivating and positive,  Thomas is a very attractive personality for sponsors and appearances.”

For information on partnerships and appearances, please contact Greg Tanner at Pro Sport Agency.

Thomas was featured on “The Frank Beckman Show” on WJR radio to discuss his no-thumb grip and his recent signing as a 65 year old golfer to an agency.

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