Tiredoflosing.net Announces Updated Website Relaunch

Sunrise, FL – Tiredoflosing.net is happy to announce the relaunch of its updated website www.tiredoflosing.net.  The updated website will help convey to the public the purpose of Tiredoflosng.net and share relevant information that deals with sports picks.

Tiredoflosing.net specializes in delivering sports picks and it’s new website will provide detailed information that consumers want to know.  In addition to the detailed information that it will contain it will also list out the many different services that it offers sports betting.

The process is quite simple. Interested parties visiting the website can complete a registration form., and sign up to a 30 day trial offer. The trial is completely free, and there’s absolutely no obligation to subscribe after the 30 days are up. Once the signup is processed customers will receive a notification email detailing pertinent information on how to access the daily updated sports picks.

Clients have the option to upgrade their subscriptions to higher level services at any time.  All higher level sports picks packages include Banks’ best bet and parlay picks.

The new sports betting website offers a clean and modern design. The high performance web portal is divided into three distinctive sections: exterior interface, internal membership platform and blog. It is easy to navigate, and presents the same content-rich functionality to customers accessing the site  via desktop computers or mobile devices.

David Banks company owner has stated: “The E-commerce capabilities facilitate customers to quickly order new service levels or to extend their already existing subscriptions.”

Tiredoflosing.net is known by its customers as being consistent in its delivery of excellent services.

For more information about Tiredoflosing.net simply call 1-702-506-3125 and/or go to our website www.tiredoflosing.net

About Tiredoflosing.net:  Tiredoflosing.net is owned and operated by David Banks. David Banks has been a sports betting professional for over 27 years. His expert sports analysis and inside contacts allow him to provide customers via his website with absolutely the most knowledgeable and lopsided angles when it comes to selecting the correct side or total.

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